Friday, January 23, 2015

The Abbreviated Adventures of Mogey & Smush Volume 645

"What do you think of this bouquet?" Mogey asked nervously. "It has to be perfect - I've been waiting my whole life for a chance to go on a date with Miss Molly MacFluffernutter."

"Oof, Mogey. That bouquet is uglier than that piglet who was born with a human nose," Smush replied, for he too was secretly in love with Miss Molly MacFluffernutter.

"Uglier than Slinky the Pig?" Mogey gasped. "Smush, you have to help me!"

"Well, first off: The daffodils send totally the wrong message. Are you looking to take her to dinner or back in time to the age of the dinosaurs? And tulips? Come on, Mogey, you're not Tad Khan, boy millionaire. The daisies come on too strong. The lilies don't come on strong enough. And the baby's breath is flat out disgusting."

"But if I take all of those away, I'm only left with a single stinkblossum flower!"

"Exactly," Smush said sagely. "Keep it simple - she'll love it." With that, Smush guiltily ushered his best pal out the door and watched him saunter down the road, stinkblossum in hand....

Many hours later, Smush was awakened by the sound of an extremely smitten Mogey bursting into his study. "You were right!" Mogey hollered. "She loved the flower!"

"She... did?"

"She did! We're going out again next week... to my two favorite places: Cluckie's Chicken Shack and Legoland," Mogey said, swooning dramatically onto Smush's desk. "And it's all thanks to you - she was so impressed that I brought her a flower that perfectly matched my cologne!"

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  1. The boys aren't often in love but when they are it's a classic abbreviated adventure indeed!