Friday, June 7, 2013

The Abbreviated Adventures of Mogey & Smush Volume 636

One afternoon, Smush was shearing his sheep, Godzilla, when Mogey walked into the sheepfold wearing one sweatband on his head, four on each arm, and two around his ankles.

"Anyone for tennis?" he asked.

"No!" Smush replied. "And I could really use your help shearing Godzilla!" The sheep, who (unbeknownst to Smush) had worn an embarrassingly old set of underpants under his wool coat that day, was wriggling like mad.

"Well, you think pret-ty highly of yourself, don't you?" Mogey asked Smush. "I was talking to Godzilla."

"Fine - just take him," Smush said with a sigh. "He's being a pain in the neck today, anyway."

"Phew!" exclaimed Godzilla, tugging his partly-sheared coat over his bottom as he trotted off to grab his racket.

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